Paper Presentations

Everyone registered in the 27th SCHMS has the right to submit a paper for a presentation (and optionally become a candidate for award).

About Paper Presentations

Paper Presentations are divided in two categories: Oral Presentations and e-Poster Presentations.

What are their differences?

  • The oral presentations are presented to the congress attendees in the form of 8-minute presentations. The writing team may consist of one or more students. However, the presentation will be done by one speaker.
  • E-posters will be included in specific sessions provided with a live chat, in order to communicate with the authors.

Both oral announcements and e-posters can be in either Greek or English.

How can I present an paper?

Students should choose their supervisor, who can be either a faculty member of a Department of Medicine or another Department of the School of Health Sciences, or a postgraduate student or PhD candidate, or a specialist doctor or an intern.

Then, in consultation with the supervisor, students are asked to choose the topic of their abstract.

General Guidelines

The abstract that will be electronically submitted has to meet the following requirements:

  • It must not exceed 300 words
  • It has to be properly structured (Introduction - purposes / Methods - Materials / Outcomes / Discussion)
  • The references should be cited

* All the authors are required to register at the 27th SCHMS before submitting their abstract.
** After the submission of the abstract, no further corrections or additions will be accepted

Candidates for Award

The candidates for the award should be abstracts about an original scientific subject which surpasses the undergraduate level of the simple presentations of the congress in order to be competitive enough to contest for the award.

An additional requirement for these presentations is the submission of the full text in English in order to be assessed by the Scientific Committee of the congress.