Organizer - SSHMS

The Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SSHMS) was founded in 1993 and it consists of 7 Chapters, one for each Faculty of Medicine in Greece and today it numbers more than 3,000 members. The purpose of SSHMS is the motivation of medical students to concern themselves with scientific issues for academic, educational and social purposes. Furthermore, the ultimate goal is the creation of scientific work with social extensions which derives from the unconditional voluntary work from medical students.

Among the years, SSHMS has established consistent partnerships with Associations and other Academic Institutions and it has managed to implement numerous activities at a Panhellenic level with the invaluable support of its sponsors. Some examples of those activities are the SCHMS - Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students, Apovasis - (Primary Healthcare Elective Placements Program), ABCS3 (Applied Clinical Seminar with Scenarios for students - Thessaloniki), Supporting Primary Healthcare Centers of Northern Greece, Clinical Seminar of Internal Medicine - Patras) and the ECS (Emergency Cases School - Alexandroupolis). Those activities are highly appreciated from the Academic Community.

Additionally, every Chapter organizes numerous educational workshops (on Surgical Suturing, First Aid, Emergency Cases Management), actions that aim to raise society’s awareness (voluntary blood donation, collection of basic necessities) and seminars about medical and sensitive social issues (blood marrow donation, sexual health, medical taboos etc.).

The vision of SSHMS is to become an expanded and inclusive organization and to constitute a platform for its members and partners to express ideas, concerns and develop their creativity. For more information about SSHMS and the activities of each individual Chapter, you can visit our official website.