Event organizer - Chapter Of Ioannina

The Chapter of Ioannina of the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SSHMS), is one of the 7 chapters that constitute the Society.

Every year the department organizes events and activities for scientific and social purposes, aiming not only to raise the awareness of the students, in order to occupy themselves with scientific topics, but also to expand their training on general issues of medical interest.

The target group of the Chapter of Ioannina of the SSHMS is medical students - especially those who study in the enchanting city of Ioannina. Our objective is to motivate the majority of medical students to discover their scientific interests and immerse themselves in them, through our activities. Thus, this contributes to laying the foundations of a fully functional and creative continuity for the Chapter.

Our activities

The activities of the Chapter of Ioannina include a series of educational workshops, informative seminars and voluntary action. Our activities are based on the needs of the students of the Faculty and on the contemporary issues that concern the society.

Educational Workshops

Their aim is to provide hands-on training and help medical students to acquire clinical skills, as well as to increase their medical experience, in order for them to be more prepared for their subsequent professional career.

Informative Seminars

The seminars contribute to raising awareness and informing the community about hot medical and social issues, such as organ transplantation, bone marrow donation, medical taboos, mental and sexual health. They also aim to train medical students on major medical topics, such as new guidelines of diagnosis and treatment.

Voluntary Actions

Throughout the Academic Year, voluntary blood donations, bone marrow donation activities and street actions are organized, in order to inform the local community about major current medical issues.

For further information visit the official Website of our Chapter here.